Stelios Kiosses is best known as the psychotherapist featured in the excellent Channel 4 series 'The Hoarder Next Door'.

Working with a number of patients throughout the series, Stelios has endeavoured to highlight the way in which a range of depressive disorders, can manifest themselves as a need to hoard often worthless items in an effort to ameliorate and mask deeply held beliefs emanating from a disordered mind. The risks of this symptom are startling in the least, with surprising consequences for a patients mindfulness, and also physical health and well-being.

A process of cognitive treatment and counselling with each patient helps resolve both the physical and mental dangers which hoarding presents. A second series is expected later this year.

In addition, Stelios is also involved in a variety of other media related projects designed to highlight and de-stigmatise mental health issues in the UK.

Stelios is also highly active via Facebook and Twitter.