The Hoarder Next Door Series Three

Coming Soon to Channel 4! Series 3

Episode One Starts at 8pm on Thursday 6th March!

In Kent, Michelle and her husband Andrew live with an unusual collection. Their back garden is home to 31 rabbits as well as several dogs, guinea pigs and chickens. Much to the frustration of her husband, Michelle can't resist bringing home rescue animals.

But it's not just Michelle's furry friends that Andrew has to contend with - the inside of their home is also rammed full of clutter and there is so little room to move that Michelle and Andrew have resorted to eating on their bed. Michelle's hoarding is not only affecting their marriage, it's also breaking the bank. In a last bid to save her home and her marriage, Michelle has called for psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses' help.

This programme also features Carl and Gemma. Carl's collection of Buddhist statues and Gemma's love of Sponge Bob Square Pants are threatening to overwhelm their home.


The Hoarder Next Door Christmas Special

Coming Soon! Series 2, Episode 1 - The Hoarder Next Door Christmas Special

Fifty-eight-year-old Pauline is a huge fan of Christmas and boasts a vast collection of inaccessible Christmas decorations; hundreds of tins of out-of-date food, with several freezers filled with the same; and seven Christmas trees buried somewhere among the clutter.

But this year Pauline is determined to celebrate Christmas in her house with her grandchildren for the very first time.

Helping Pauline in her ambition is psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses, together with straight talking de-clutterers Zoe Steel and Allyson Pritchard, Stelios helps Pauline tackle her hoards and reclaim her home.

The Christmas special also features antiques dealer Greg, whose growing collection of 'repair' projects has taken over his girlfriend Judith's house.

Keep an eye out for this brand new episode on Channel 4.